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Anette Brunovskis
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Cand. Polit., University of Oslo

Research areas

Human trafficking, migration, the Balkans and Eastern Europe.




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  • Brunovskis, A. (1994). Liverne – et folk forsvinner? (The Livs – a People Disappears?) Nordisk Østforum, 8(3).



Other Fafo-publications

Book chapters



  • Brunovskis, A. (2001). Women, work and family in Latvia – tendencies from 1994 to 1999. Paper presented in Tartu, June, 4th Conference on Baltic Studies in Europe.


  • Brunovskis, A. (2012). Balancing protection and prosecution in anti-trafficking policies. A comparative analysis of reflection periods and related temporary residence permits for victims of trafficking in the Nordic countries, Belgium and Italy. TemaNord 2012:556. Nordic Council of Ministers.
  • Brunovskis, A. & Bjerkan, L. (2008). Research with irregular migrants in Norway. Methodological and ethical challenges and emerging research agendas. UDI FoU-report June.
  • Brunovskis, A. & Surtees, R. (2008). GMS-05 SIREN report: Why Victims of Trafficking Decline Assistance. Bangkok, Thailand: UNIAP.
  • Brunovskis, A., Djuve, A. B. & Haualand, H. (2004). Facing a Baltic invation? Mobility of Baltic labour towards the Nordic countries. Nordic Council of Ministers, 2004: 718.

Other articles, op-eds

  • Brunovskis, A. & Skilbrei, M-L. (2012). Kjappe konklusjoner. Commentary in VG 29 October.
  • Brunovskis, A. (2007). Når ofre for menneskehandel sier nei til hjelp. Ny Tid, nr 45.
  • Tyldum, G., Skilbrei, M-L. & Brunovskis, A. (2006). Strutsepolitikk om sexkjøp. Op-ed. in Aftenposten 23.06.
  • Brunovskis, A., Skilbrei, M-L & Tyldum, G. (2006). Negerhorer eller ofre? Op-ed. in Dagbladet, 15.06.
  • Brunovskis, A. (2005). Greit med handel med barn? Op-ed. in Dagsavisen 14.04.
  • Brunovskis, A., Bjerkan, L. & Dyrlid, L. (2005). Urovekkende om prostitusjon. Op-ed. in Adresseavisen 15.08.
  • Brunovskis, A. (2004). Trafficking og prostitusjon. Op-ed. in Dagsavisen 21.10.


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