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Active projects

The impact of vocational education and traing on innovation in enterprises

Fafo and Economics Norway will analyse the impact of vocationally skilled workers and vocational education and training on innovation in enterprises.

Special wage agreements in the municipal sector

The aim of the project is to map the amount of local special wage agreements in the municipal sector and what they regulate. The emphazise is put on agreements that are not established on the basis of central special wage agreements.

Syrians in Jordan. Livelihood survey

National sample survey of Syrians, both refugees and non-refugees, residing inside and outside refugee camps.

Surveytrening for Kirkens Nødhjelp

Training of the Norwegian Church Aid staff in elementary survey methods.

Unions and collective agreements in the finance sector

The aim of the project is to describe and analyze how the right to negotiate collective agreements and to maintain union representatives is regulated in the finance sector in Norway.

Socio-economic Impact of Afghan Refugees on Pakistan

The overall objective of the project is to produce a study on socio-economic impacts of Afghan refugees on Pakistan.

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