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Jordan: Education for the future

Jordan: Education for the future

27. March 2017

In collaboration with a local NGO, Fafo has recently concluded a project examining the learning environment in Jordan’s public schools, which accommodates tens of thousands of Syrian refugee children. Based on school visits, focus group discussions and a household sample survey, as well as studying the legal framework, the project has produced three reports.

Ny publikasjon fra prosjektet om deltidskarrierer

Ny publikasjon fra prosjektet om deltidskarrierer

21. February 2017

High rates of part-time work have been associated with high female employment rates in the Nordic countries, except for Finland. Part-time work has played a key role in the modification of the male breadwinner gender contract by enabling women to enter paid work while continuing to take on the main domestic responsibilities. Previously tacit and little disputed, this ‘normalization’ of women’s part-time work has increasingly become a contentious issue in the public debate in Norway, both in terms of its persistently high level and of the cultural values surrounding it. In their case study, the authors analyse the articulation of these critiques and the underlying conflict dynamics that put the gender contract under pressure and facilitate its modification. The empirical focus is on events inciting debates and the arguments or ideational frames key political actors have used to support their position. The analysis is based on newspaper articles published during the period 1997–2013.

The situation for street connected children in Georgia and Azerbaijan

The situation for street connected children in Georgia and Azerbaijan

06. February 2017

Anne Hatløy (pictured) and Tone Sommerfelt from Fafo will conduct a qualitative study and a desk review of issues related to street connected children in Georgia and Azerbaijan. The project is commissioned by UNICEF Georgia, and will map and document the migratory flows related to the phenomenon of street children, identify the main regions/cities of origin of destination, analyse the recruitment mechanism if any, and propose an estimated number of children living and/or working on the streets.

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