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The future of work

25. October 2017

In this project organised by Fafo – in collaboration with researchers from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and Sweden – we will examine the main drivers and specific areas of change envisaged to re-shape working life in the coming 15-20 years. Researchers from Fafo are Kristin Alsos, Jon Erik Dølvik (pictured), Kristin Jesnes, Johan Røed Steen and Kristine Nergaard.

Inequality and sosial sustainability of the Norwegian pension system

05. October 2017

The project will look at both the experiences made and trends that can be detected so far, with the pension reform in Norway. Fafo and Frisch center will study variation between groups by education, industry and other characteristics. The results from the register based analyses and the survey will be seen in combination, to obtain a deeper understanding of the respones observed and the impact of the reform. Finally, the results will be summed to assess whether can be seen to be in compliance with the stated goals of the reform.

Financial support to immigrant entrepreneurs

21. September 2017

In 2014, a new regime aimed at immigrant education training was introduced. Through this regime, municipalities and county municipalities can apply IMDi for financial support in order to offer help to immigrants who wish to establish their own business. When evaluating the grant scheme, we focus on how the scheme has worked up to now, and its contribution to the bigger picture. What is the pre-conditions that must be present in order to succeed in strengthening immigrant prerequisites for establishing their own business?

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