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23 October

Norræna módelið stóð af sér kreppurnar. Norræna módelið svokallaða hefur sýnt styrk sinn undanfarin 25 ár. RUV: Jon Erik Dölvik fræðimaður hjá Fafo ræddi norræna módelið og kreppurnar á ársfundi Alþýðusambands Íslands í gær.

7 September

UN alleges 'plot' to steal Somali assets. Mohamed Husein Gaas, Horn of Africa analyst at the Oslo, Norway-based Fafo Institute for Applied International Studies, told Al Jazeera the UN allegations against President Mohamud will definitely disappoint many Somalis who thought that "his regime would be a fresh start towards restoring a credible Somali government".

1 August

The reasons why Gaza's population is so young. - It's the place in the world where the least women work outside the home, says Fafo research director Jon Pedersen to New Scientist. The second factor (...) is the fact that while women are housebound, their husbands earn more money as their families expand.

17 July

Contentious Start For UN Process Toward Business And Human Rights Treaty. - What matters today are the effects of a treaty process on the politics of the corporate accountability movement and the effects of a treaty process on the likelihood of regulation by governments, Fafo-researcher Mark Taylor tells MintPress.

13 June

FGM-politics based on emotions, not facts. Both female genital mutilation and forced marriage became part of the political agenda in Norway as a result of media publicity. Alpha Galileo refers to the Fafo-report Forskningsbasert politikk?

14 May

Sport skal øge forståelsen mellem unge libanesere og syrere, skriver danske U-landsnyt med referanse til bl.a. Fafo-rapporten Ambivalent Hospitality

2 April

Foreigners discriminated against in Norway fishing sector. A staffing company actively pays foreigners less than their Norwegian counterparts, an NRK report reveals. Kristin Alsos, researcher and lawyer at independent research organisation Fafo states the extent of working legislation breaches in the fishing industry are undocumented, according to The Foreigner.

28 March

Ordning och reda på arbetsmarknaden – en Norgehistoria. I en rapport från det norska forskningsinstitutet Fafo som nyligen publicerades görs en ordentlig genomgång av de första fyra åren med solidaransvar som huvudentreprenöransvaret kallas på norska, skriver Folkbladet.nu. (Fafo-rapporten Solidaransvar er under publisering)

13 February

NGOs vs. grassroots movements: A false dichotomy. Ma'an News Agency refers to the Fafo poll Palestinian Opinions about Governance, Institutions and Political Leaders


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