Emerging economies

The rise of Emerging Powers, such as China, Brazil, Russia, India and Turkey, is changing the very dynamics and structure of international relations.

Through extensive field research and political dialogue projects, Fafo regard our particular knowledge of the national context to be essential for understanding developments, foreign policy priorities, why and how Emerging Powers choose to participate in the international community, their interests and the resulting power dynamics.

Fafo has accumulated knowledge on Emerging Powers through two decades of bottom up research and policy dialogue projects. As an applied research institute, our primary interest is policy-relevant options for constructive engagement between Norway and Emerging Powers.


Research Professor
Fafo-paper 2016:03
David Drury and Marie W. Arneberg (eds.)
No More Forevers
The Chinese Labour Force in a Time of Reform
Fafo-report 356

Hedda Flatø and Huafeng Zhang

Inequity in level of healthcare utilization before and after universal health coverage reforms in China
Evidence from household surveys in Sichuan Province

International Journal for Equity in Health

Huafeng Zhang

Household vulnerability and economic status during disaster recovery and its determinants
A Case Study after the Wenchuan Earthquake

Natural Hazards

Bekele A. Shiferaw, Tewodros Aragie Kebede and V. Ratna Reddy

Community watershed management in semi-arid India
The State of Collective Action and Its Effects on Natural Resources and Rural Livelihoods