Åse Berit Grødeland
Åse Berit Grødeland
Research Professor

    Academic background:

    PhD in Russian and East European Studies, University of Glasgow

Area of work:

Legal culture, corruption and anti-corruption reform, informal practice, civil society.

Research areas:

Emerging economies

Åse B. Grødeland is a political scientist/specialist on post-communist states. She holds an M.A. (mixed degree) from Oslo University, an M.Phil. in Soviet and East European Studies and a PhD from University of Glasgow.

Her PhD focused on the emergence and development of the Green Movement in Ukraine.

Grødeland has previously held research positions at University of Glasgow, NIBR and CMI. She has directed several international research projects on low-level corruption, informal practice, and legal culture in the Former Soviet Union, East Central Europe, South East Europe and the West Balkans. Grødeland’s research is methodologically innovative in that it combines qualitative and quantitative methods in an unusually integrated manner.

She also has extensive non-academic work-experience from countries in the Former Soviet Union – as a tour-leader to the USSR and as international expert on long-term media monitoring missions to several post-communist states. More recently, she spent a year in Central Asia working as Senior Analyst for The International Crisis Group (ICG) – covering Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Grødeland has published extensively – including several policy reports and analytical reports on countries in Eurasia.

She speaks fluent Russian and reads/understands Ukrainian.

+47 91769114

Åse B. Grødeland and Leslie T. Holmes

Nash chelovek | 2018 | About the book / Download PDF

Åse Berit Grødeland

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Åse B. Grødeland

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Åse B. Grødeland

Elite Perceptions of Anti-Corruption Efforts in Ukraine
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Other publications