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Ingunn Bjørkhaug
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Master, International Community Health, University of Oslo

Research areas

Displacement economies, Refugees, Gender-based violence




  • Bjørkhaug, I, M. Bøås and  T. A. Kebede (2017). Displacement, belonging, and land rights in Grand Gedeh, Liberia: almost at home abroad?. African Studies Review; Volum 60.(3) s. 59-79

  • Bjørkhaug, I (2017). Tales of Loss and Sorrow: Addressing Methodological Challenges in Refugee Research in Uganda. Forum for Development Studies 2017 ; Volum 44.(3) s. 453-471

  • Kielland, A and I. Bjørkhaug (2009), Child mobility in West Africa: strategy, poverty or crime?, Forum for Development Studies, No 2-2009, Oslo

  • Bjørkhaug I and Anne Hatløy A (2009). Utilisation of Respondent Driven Sampling among a population of child workers in the diamond mining sector of Sierra Leone. Global Public Health, 4(1):96-109. 

  • Bøås M, Hatløy A and Bjørkhaug I (2008) Alcohol and drugs in post-war Sierra Leone, African Journal of Drug and Alcohol Studies, 7(1): 41-52.



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  • Bjørkhaug, I., K.M. Jennings and M. Bøås (2010) Mapping and assessment of national, bilateral and multilateral actors' support to work against sexual based violence in the Great Lakes region in Africa, NORAD Report 12/2010, Oslo: Norad.
  • Bjørkhaug I, Bøås M, Hatløy A and Jennings KM (2007) Returning to Uncertainty? Addressing Vulnerabilities in Northern Uganda, Kampala: UNDP/Office of the Prime Minister

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