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Kristin Jesnes
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Master in International Security, Institute d’études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po). PhD student at the University of Gothenburg.




  • Alsos, K., Jesnes, K. & Øistad, B. S. (2018). Når sjefen er en app – delingsøkonomi i et arbeidsperspektiv. Praktisk økonomi & finans 02 / 2018 (Volum 34).

  • Svalund, J., Peixoto, A., Dølvik, J. & Jesnes, K. (2018). Hiring of Flexible and Fixed-term Workers in Five Norwegian and Swedish Industries. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies, 8(3).

  • Jesnes, K. (2016). Modification des règles du contrat de travail temporaire : une rupture avec la tradition de compromis entre gouvernement et syndicats? (Changing regulations for temporary employment: a disruption of the traditions of compromise between government and trade unions?) Chronique Internationale de l’Ires, nr. 154.



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  • Svalund, J., Peixoto, A. & Jesnes, K. (2016). Employers’ use of fixed-term contracts across industries in Norway and Sweden. Does regulation matter? Paper, Nordic working life conference 2016, Tampere.

  • Svalund, J. & Jesnes, K. (2015). Why temporary employment contracts? A study of employers’ reasons for hiring on temporary contracts across five different sectors in Norway. Paper, Industrial Relations Conference Europe (IREC) 2015, Gøteborg.


  • Dølvik, J. E. & Jesnes, K. (2018). Nordic labour markets and the sharing economy. Report from a pilot project. TemaNord 2018:516. Nordic Council of Ministers.

  • Dølvik, J. E. & Jesnes, K. (2017). Nordic labour markets and the sharing economy. Report from a pilot project. TemaNord 2017:508. Nordic Council of Ministers.

  • Sommerfelt, Tone & Kristin Jesnes. 2015. State control of religious activity in southern Mali following the 2012 crisisNorwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre. Oslo: NOREF. 
  • Jesnes, K. (2014). Developing relations: political parties and civil society in Myanmar. Noref Report June.
  • Kebede, T. A., Jesnes, K., Zhang, H. & Pedersen, J. (2014). European JustJobs Index. March. Fafo, JustJobs Network, Progressive Economy.
  • Kebede, T. A., Zhang, H., Jesnes, K. & Pedersen, J. (2014). JustJobs Index 2014. With analytical input from Sabina Dewan and Gregory Randolph. JustJobs Network and Fafo.

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