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Tone Sommerfelt
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Research areas

Manager, current projects

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Senior researcher (on leave)

PhD, Anthropology, University of Oslo.

Research areas

Politics and cultures of faith, anthropologies of Islam, political anthropology, conflict, illicit flows of human and material resources, socialities of childhood, generation and gender, mobility and relatedness, development policies, anthropological theory, West Africa (Gambia, Senegal, Mali), Haiti.




  • Torheim, Liv Elin, Anne Hatløy & Tone Sommerfelt. 2017. "Nutrition, global health and Norway's development policy". Tidsskrift for Den Norske Legeforening, nr 21(2017). 

  • Sommerfelt, Tone 2017. “Bush Bound: Young Men and Rural Permanence in Migrant West Africa/Paolo Gaibazzi (2015)”. American Anthropologist, 119(3): 554-555.

  • Sommerfelt, Tone. 2013. "From cutting to fading: A relational perspective on marriage exchange and sociality in rural Gambia." Social Analysis 57(3): 58-75

  • Sommerfelt, Tone. 2013. "Child migration in Africa/Iman Hashim & Dorthe Thorsen (2011)". Book review. Forum for Development Studies 40(3): 519-521

  • Sommerfelt, Tone. 2010. "Forbindelser gjennom bryst: Om melk, sosial tilknytning og passende ekteskapspartnere blant wolof-talende folk i Vest-Afrika." Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift 21(1): 32-45.

  • Pedersen, Jon & Tone Sommerfelt. 2007. "Studying children in armed conflict: Data production, social indicators and analysis." Social Indicators Research 84(3): 251-269.

  • Sommerfelt, Tone. 2006. "Antropologer som sakkyndige i norske straffesaker: Noen refleksjoner." Kritisk Juss 32(3): 190-201.



Other Fafo-publications

Book chapters

  • Sommerfelt, Tone. 2016. "Chapter 3. From cutting to fading: A relational perspective on marriage exchange and sociality in rural Gambia". Cutting and Connecting: 'Afrenesian' Perspectives on Networks, Relationality and Exchange, pp. 58-75, Knut C Myhre (ed.). Oxford: Berghahn. 

  • Sommerfelt, Tone. 2012. "Diet fra same bryst: Melkeforbindelser og ekteskapsmønstre i Vest-Afrika." Rødt og Hvitt: Om Blod og Melk i Fortid og Samtid, H. Bondevik & A. Kveim Lie (eds.), pp. 201-225. Oslo: UNIPUB.

  • Sommerfelt, Tone. 2009. "Small maids in Morocco." The World of Child Labour: An Historical and Regional Survey, H. Hindman (ed.), pp. 702-703. Armonk, New York: M.E. Sharp
  • Sommerfelt, Tone & Jon Pedersen. 2009. "Child Labor in Haiti." The World of Child Labor: An Historical and Regional Survey, H. Hindman (ed.), pp. 427-430. Armonk, New York: M.E. Sharpe

  • Sommerfelt, Tone. 2002. "Landprofil 2002-2003: Gambia." Media i Afrika – Afrika i Media: Fellesrådets Afrika-årbok 2002-2003, p. 288-289. Oslo: Solidaritet Forlag.




Other articles, op-eds


  • Sommerfelt, Tone. 2013. "Choreographies of proximity: Marriage among rural Wolof-speakers in contemporary Gambia." PhD thesis. Department of Social Anthropology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo. 

  • Sommerfelt, Tone. 1999. "Shares & sharing: Dynamics of exchange, identity, rank and power in a Gambian town." Cand. Polit. thesis. Department and Museum of Anthropology, University of Oslo. 

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