Research areas
Fafo oppgraderer sine nettsider og har i den forbindelse litt problemer med søkefunksjonen og visning av publikasjoner. Hvis du ikke finner det du leter etter kan du sende en epost til så skal vi bistå deg
Lifelong learning


We study lifelong learning with an emphasis on vocational skills and work-based learning. We are interested in skill formation systems and institutional conditions for learning.

The term lifelong learning encompasses learning in different venues for all age groups and includes formal, informal and non-formal learning. Lifelong learning has been an important research area at Fafo since the 1990s. We have focused on vocational training and work-based learning, but our research also includes kindergarten learning and adult participation in the formal education system. We study cooperation between education and labour market institutions and we are interested in the impact of different skill formation systems and training institutions on labour market participation and mobility. Our research is funded by trade unions and employers’ associations, education authorities and the Norwegian Research Council. Fafo has also participated in several projects funded by the EU Framework Programmes.