Education and out-of-school children
Fafo oppgraderer sine nettsider og har i den forbindelse litt problemer med søkefunksjonen og visning av publikasjoner. Hvis du ikke finner det du leter etter kan du sende en epost til så skal vi bistå deg
Global education and out-of-school children


Unesco’s Global Monitoring report for 2014 shows that more than 50 million school-aged children still are out of school. Approximately on-third live in conflict areas, and 168 million children are involved in child labor.

Fafo staff collects education data and write education chapters in all their Living Condition Survey reports.

Fafo also works extensively with groups of excluded children like child workers, street children and children in trafficking and migration, belonging to the so-called “last 10 percent”. These are children who cannot easily be reached through regular interventions in the education sector – a broader set of policy tools must be considered.

Fafo contributes to promote knowledge based solutions to the global education challenge of including that last 10 percent.