Finished projects
Fafo oppgraderer sine nettsider og har i den forbindelse litt problemer med søkefunksjonen og visning av publikasjoner. Hvis du ikke finner det du leter etter kan du sende en epost til så skal vi bistå deg

Finished projects

Health Services and Needs in Prostitution

This project will explore what assistance is offered and needed today, and how to best understand and contextualise developments in social work.

Labour migrants with cabin fever? A pilot study on drug and alcohol abuse among CEE labour migrants in Norway

The main purpose of the pilot project is to map existing research and to identify knowledge gaps when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse among CEE labour migrants in Norway, and possible consequenses for health and safety in their work places. The project is financed through the Norwegian Directorate of Health's fund for drug and alcohol abuse prevention in the working life.

Likebehandling ved utleie av arbeidstakere

Legislation that aims to ensure equal treatment for temporary agency workers came into force in Norway in 2013. Fafo will on behalf of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs find out whether these regulations are complied with. The project aims to look into how the regulations are understood and put into practice, whether companies try to bypass the regulations, how the regulations are enforced and whether new measures are required.

World Development Report 2013: Good jobs

The Perceptions of Good Jobs study has been conducted in order to better understand and explain how jobs are perceived in a number of selected countries. The report is primarily targeted to provide inputs towards the WDR 2013 and is part of a series of studies conducted on perceptions of good jobs in four countries: Colombia, China, Egypt and Sierra Leone. The main emphasis has been to explore the nature of jobs that affect living standards and enhance social cohesion.
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