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Government employers in Sweden, Denmark and Norway


Åsmund Arup Seip and Nana Wesley Hansen (University of Copenhagen) have published an article in European Journal of Industrial Relation. How do government employers exercise power in highly voluntarist bargaining models? The authors analyse the potential power of public employers in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Changing role of VET


Fafo take part in the project Changing Role of VET, lead by 3s in Vienna, and financed by CEDEFOP. Fafo will contribute with description and analysis of Norway on external factors influencing VET, higher VET and CVET.

The impact of the working environment on work retention of older workers


There has been an extensive research on ageing and retirement in Norway over the last 20 to 25 years, with some studies focusing on single aspects and others on a range of factors that can potentially predict early retirement and/or extended work careers. Health, work ability and work environment seem to be among the most important factors. The report is written by Tove Midtsundstad (pictured) and Anne Inga Hilsen.



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