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Evaluation of drugs- and addiction-plan


The escalation plan for the field of drugs and addiction was adopted by the Parliament in April 2016.This is the first status report and baseline analysis for the evaluation. Fafo, in collaboration with Economics Norway and Ipsos, has been commissioned to undertake an evaluation of this plan.

Temporary lay-off schemes in eight countries


Jørgen Svalund and Johannes Oldervoll describe temporary lay-off schemes in different European countries, including Norway.These schemes permit employers to free themselves temporarily from the obligation to pay full wages without having to terminate the employment relationship. This makes it possible for companies to quickly cut wage costs during economic turndowns.

IPI articles on sustainable development


Mona Christophersen and Svein Erik Stave have wittten two of the recent published policy reports from the International Peace Institute (IPI). The project seeks to understand how the 2030 Agenda is being rooted at the national and local levels and to support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. The two reports are about Lebanon and Myanmar.

Membership survey among teachers


This is the fifth membership survey that Fafo has undertaken for the Union of
Education Norway. At three-or four-year intervals, the members of the union have been asked about their job situation and the challenges it involves, whether they have accessto a union representative or not and their interaction with this representative.



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