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Nordic Work Life Conference in Oslo

13. June 2018

The 9th Nordic Work Life Conference, Creating a sustainable future of work in the Nordic countries, addresses the future of work by focusing on social, institutional and technological change causing a shift in the type of work and the way work is organized in the Nordic countries. It is hosted by Fafo and AFI, Oslo and Akershus University College of applied sciences. 

Public tenders and staffing in electrical enterprise

13. June 2018

More than half of the electricity enterprises have been directly involved in public tenders in the last two years. Public projects are primarily staffed by the enterprises’ own employees, but 22 per cent of the union representatives respond that projects must partly be staffed by employees from outside. The report is written by Rolf K. Andersen and Mona Bråten, and it is commissoned by the Electrician and IT workers union.

UN Sustainable Development Goals and working conditions

12. June 2018

At this Fafo-breakfast, on the 12th of June, we asked how to link eceonomic growth with decent work and more equality. It was arranged together with United Nation Associations of Norway. The purpose was to elaborate challenges and possibilities that the Sustainable Development Goals can create for workers around the globe.

Sickness absence in nursing homes and cleaning

12. June 2018

In this study, Lise Lien and Hanne Bogen, have identified possible explanations for why some nursing homes and cleaning enterprises have lower rates of sickness absence, given that the sickness absence rate in general is high in these industries. The data are based on 14 case studies, and a total of 70 interviews were conducted.

Constraints on local cooperation at the workplace

11. June 2018

A new study, written by IRIS and Fafo, concludes that it has become more difficult for local partners (employers and employees) to cooperate about HSE-standards in the petroleum industry and at huge construction sites. Rolf Andersen (pictured) and Mona Bråten are the researchers from Fafo.

Minimum wage regulations in Northern Europe

07. June 2018

The gap between the highest and lowest incomes have increased during the last decades. Elin Svarstad and Johannes Oldervoll, Fafo, have written about different measures in the Nordic countries to combat low-wage competition. They alos give an overview of minimum wage regulations in some other European countries.

The effects of the Norwegian Pension reform

07. June 2018

Since 2004, the Norwegian Pension system has been under reform. In this report, Jon M. Hippe, Henrik Hammer og Hans Gunnar Vøien, evaluates the effects for workers in private sector. They have also calculated pension levels for the younger generations.

How the digitalization will affect maritime industries

06. June 2018

Maritime industries face great changes in the wake of increased digitalization. The question making out the vantage point of this project, is how this development will affect future skills needs, and how the industries should and could deal with the digital turn in a pro active way. Kaja Reegård (pictured) will be project-leader.

Women and War

04. June 2018

Nerian Weiss, has together with Nazand Begikhani and Wendelmoet Hamelink editet a special issue of Kurdish Studies, called "Women and war". They have  also written the introductory article. The authors investigate Kurdish women’s victimisation and marginalisation, but also their resistance and agency as female combatants and women activists.

Coordination in local negotiation

01. June 2018

One of the benefits of centralization is coordination that contributes to smaller wage differentials. The paper studies the effect of coordination on the wage structure when negotiations occur at business level. The results support the conclusion that coordination in wage formation contributes to compress wages, even when negotiations happen at a local level.

Survey among skilled workers

31. May 2018

Fafo will be part of a new project that includes a survey among skilled workers in construction techniques, health-service and childhood and youth development. One of the questions is whether the employees consider their competence to be relevant for their work. Kaja Regård (pictured), Mathilde Bjørnset and Torgeir Nyen are in the project-team.

Shaping the future of work in the Nordic countries

30. May 2018

A Nordic conference was held in Stockholm on the theme “Shaping the Future of Work in the Nordic Countries – the impact of technological development on work and skills” in May. The conference was organized as part of Sweden’s Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2018. Fafo is heading a Nordic research-project on the future of work.

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