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Emergency school feeding

07. May 2018

The Norwegian UN-delegation in Rome has a review on the report Rethinking emergency school feeding: A child-centred approach, written by Anne Hatløy and Tone Sommerfelt. Fafo has worked with the World Food Programme (WFP) since 2016 to develop knowledge about school feedings in emergency settings.

Skilled workers contribution to innovation

03. May 2018

This report investigates the role and contribution of vocational training and skilled workers in innovation processes, including how vocationally trained workers contribute to continuous improvement of products and processes. It is written by Johan Røed Steen and Johannes Oldervoll (Fafo), and Mikkel Myhre Walbækken and Rolf Røtnes from Economics Norway.

The Effect of Retaining Bonuses on Delaying Early Retirement

02. May 2018

Tove Midtsundstad and Åsmund Hermansen have analyzed the effect of the retaining bonus on early retirement behavior. This is one of the most common retention measures offered by Norwegian companies to prevent their older workers from early retirenment. The article is published in Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies, 8(1).

National correspondent to Eurofound

30. April 2018

Fafo is assigned the task by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, of being the Norwegian national correspondent to Eurofoundation on topics related to industrial relations and restructuring. The task will be conducted in cooporation with STAMI (The National Institute of Occupational Health) who will have the responsibility for reporting on working environment issues.

HES challenges of working alone

27. April 2018

This report, written by Mona Bråten, elucidates questions concerning health, environment and safety (HES) related to working alone. A relatively large percentage of informants report that they experience stress when working alone. The proportion who attribute health problems wholly or partly
to lone working constitutes around 20 per cent in several of the trade unions.

Regulation for posted workers

26. April 2018

This  report  discusses  the  key  regulations  for  posted  workers  in  five  host  countries  in  Western Europe and six sending countries in Eastern Europe. The host countries are Austria, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany. The sending countries are Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia,  Lithuania,  Poland  and  Romania.

Evaluation of drugs- and addiction-plan

25. April 2018

The escalation plan for the field of drugs and addiction was adopted by the Parliament in April 2016.This is the first status report and baseline analysis for the evaluation. Fafo, in collaboration with Economics Norway and Ipsos, has been commissioned to undertake an evaluation of this plan.

Temporary lay-off schemes in eight countries

24. April 2018

Jørgen Svalund and Johannes Oldervoll describe temporary lay-off schemes in different European countries, including Norway.These schemes permit employers to free themselves temporarily from the obligation to pay full wages without having to terminate the employment relationship. This makes it possible for companies to quickly cut wage costs during economic turndowns.

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