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Ten years after the Wenchuan earthquake

29. May 2018

12th May 2008 a magnitude earthquake struck Sichuan province in southwestern China. Based on four rounds of large-scale surveys of living conditions and reconstruction efforts in the earthquake affected areas – Fafo, together with our colleagues at Chinese Academy for Science and Technology for Development (CASTED), have made this report.

Campaign for older workers and late careers

28. May 2018

Centre for Senior Policy have launched a campaign called #the15best. The focus in on older workers and late career decisions, and how “the 15 next years can be the 15 best of their careers”. Anne Inga Hilsen at Fafo will interview older workers that have changed job one or several times after they turned 50.

Measures needed to complete upper secondary education

24. May 2018

Kaja Reegård and Jon Rogstad have gathered knowledge about what measures are needed to get students in the risk zone to complete upper secondary education. This paper reports from a pilot project initiated by the Crown Prince and Princess' fund.

The making of immigrant niches in an affluent welfare state

22. May 2018

This article is written by Jon Horgen Friberg from Fafo (pictured) and Arnfinn Midtbøen. It explores how immigrant niches have emerged within two traditional working-class industries in Norway. It is published in International Migration Review, 1-24. The researchers analyze how employers perceive the availability and desirability of native-born and immigrant workers.

LO's legal department through 100 year

16. May 2018

The project will provide a history of 100 years of LO's legal department, 1922-2022. The book will show the development of the office's work; the lawyer's cooperation with the authorities and participation in international cooperation; work with the working environment legislation; and the development of labour law practice.

National and regional under-5 mortality rate by economic status

15. May 2018

The progress to achieve the fourth Millennium Development Goal in reducing mortality rate in children younger than 5 years since 1990 has been remarkable. However, work remains. Estimates of under-5 mortality rates at the national level can hide disparities within countries. Jon Pedersen is one of the authors of this article in The Lancet Global Health.

Article about whistleblowing procedures

14. May 2018

Sissel C. Trygstad (pictured), Anne Mette Ødegård and Elin Svarstad has written about the significance of whistblowing procedures at the workplace. To better secure the employees, the law changed in 2017, making it obligatory for all companies with more than five employees to work out such procedures.

Evaluation of Norwegian Efforts to Ensure Policy Coherence for Development

11. May 2018

This evaluation report is written by Svein Erik Stave and Kristin Dalen, Fafo, together with Marte Nilsen at Prio. It is commissioned by Norad (Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation).

Political engagement among young adults with minority backgrounds

09. May 2018

Jon Rogstad has, together with Mette Andersson, written a chapter in the anthololgy Diversity and Contestations over Nationalism in Europe and Canada.  A fundamental distinction is engagement based on groups and classes with common interests vs. engagement that draws upon shared grievances related to feelings of exclusion or misrecognition and/or on identification with specific groups and identity categories.

Wage formation in Scandinavia

08. May 2018

Wage formation in the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway and Sweden has several similarities, but does also in some aspects differ. In this project Fafo will look into the different national models. It will be conducted by Kristin Alsos and Kristine Nergaard on behalf of five national unions in Sweden.

Emergency school feeding

07. May 2018

The Norwegian UN-delegation in Rome has a review on the report Rethinking emergency school feeding: A child-centred approach, written by Anne Hatløy and Tone Sommerfelt. Fafo has worked with the World Food Programme (WFP) since 2016 to develop knowledge about school feedings in emergency settings.

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