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New Fafo report: I like my job

10. February 2015

Health workers like their job.  That is not enough, however, to prompt more to remain in their jobs. Fafo researcher, Anne Inga Hilsen, has evaluated senior politics at three institutions in the  South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Sør-Øst RF).  Even if employees are happy with their work, a demanding job, good pension schemes, and desire for more leisure time lead to early retirement.   One of the report’s conclusion is that there is little to indicate the existence of a systematic senior politics or use of personnel policies to limit early retirement the report concludes.

New project on the importance of employees working in children and youth services

09. February 2015

What is the importance of skilled workers for the quality of services? In this project Mona Bråten will look at employees in children and youth services, in day care centers, after school programs, schools and youth clubs. A survey in 2011 revealed that 50% of those in charge of children and adolescents believed that the quality of services would increase if they received a certificate for completed apprenticeship. A new survey of employers will examine recruitment practices and evaluation of the youth service profession to see if they have changed in recent years.

The Nordic model towards 2030. A new chapter?

06. February 2015

NordMod 2030 is a Nordic research project analysing developments of the past 25 years and identifying the challenges that the Nordic countries will face in the years through 2030. This final report summarizes the insights and findings of the project’s 17 subreports. It is intended to serve as a source of knowledge in debates over the renewal and further development of the Nordic model.

New report on Housing first in Norway

05. February 2015

The Housing first-model helps homeless people with drug-related and mental disorders to establish own homes. This survey by Mette I. Snertingdal reveals local variations in how projects are being operated when it concerns financing, recruitment and monitoring. The report is based on interviews with managers of Housing first-projects for twelve Norwegian municipalities. (In Norwegian only)

Jordan: Seeking Progress in the Land of Refugees

04. February 2015

Jordan’s refugees make up about half of its seven million people. A recent Fafo survey found living conditions among Palestinian refugees in Jordan had significantly improved in the past decade. Despite this progress the gap is widening between camp and non-camp Palestinian refugees and non-citizen Palestinian refugees are more often found among the destitute poor. Current refugees from Syria and Iraq are only offered temporary protection. Could a softer approach, granting them a set of limited rights, be beneficial for both Jordan and its many vulnerable refugees? Mona Christophersen writes about this topic in The Global Observatory.

Retaining older workers: the effect of phased retirement on delaying early retirement

03. February 2015

Phased retirement involves reducing working time in the final years before retirement. The aim of phased retirement is to extend working careers and retain older workers who would otherwise opt for full early retirement. This article by Fafo researcher Åsmund Hermansen investigates the effect of offering phased retirement on early-retirement behaviour in Norway.

Explaining whistle blowing processes in the Norwegian labour market

30. January 2015

Sissel Trygstad has together with  Marit Skivenes (University of Bergen) written an article in Economic and Industrial Democracy, 1-25. The aim is to examine the explanatory forces of power resources and institutional factors on whistle blowing activity, its effectiveness and reactions. The authors analyse survey material of 6000 Norwegian employees across sectors and industries, and find that individual power resources have little impact, but the organizational power resources of positions, and institutional factors matter.

New report on changes in the Norwegian labour market model

23. January 2015

How are participation and involvement in the workplace affected when the organizational and ownership forms are changing? This report has examined the cooperation between the social partners in the grocery trade and in the transportation industry. Anne Inga Hilsen and Ragnhild Steen Jensen have written the report.

Sales assistants in the making: Learning through responsibility

22. January 2015

This new article investigates how learning and processes of becoming are shaped and enacted in retail apprenticeship in Norway. The analysis draws upon a qualitative study of managers and apprentices in different retail sub-sectors. Kaja Reegård has written the article and it is published in Vocations and Learning.

Union of Education Norway

21. January 2015

In a new project commisioned by the Union of Education Norway, Fafo will look at the conditions for participation in the organization in the years to come. The background is partly its members involvement in working time issues and the increased use of social media in the public debate. Kristin Jesnes (pictured), Kristine Nergaard, Johan Steen Røed and Sissel Trygstad are researchers on the project.

New report on social housing in Norway

19. January 2015

This report is an evaluation of The Norwegian State Housing Bank's regional social housing development programs started in 2009. The report shows that long-term and focused work, anchored at a high level, are important factors for success. The evaluation is carried out by the Fafo researchers Arne Backer Grønningsæter, Vidar Bakkeli and Anne Hege Strand, together with  Lars-Erik Becken and Synne Klingenberg at Proba Research. (In Norwegian only)

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