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Analysis of leisure activities in the borough Gamle Oslo

A district in Oslo, Gamle Oslo (BGO), wants increased insight into how the district's leisure activities are adapted to the needs of their children and young people. BGO wants to know how the diversity of leisure activities in the district is used, by whom and why, and whether the district's children and young people are aware of the leisure activities that already exist. The purpose of the assignment is to investigate the need to implement any improvement measures such as changes in own offers, allocations, recommendations or grant funds to NGOs.

Fafo-reports and papers

Fafo-rapport 2021:11
Ellen Katrine Kallander, Jon Helgheim Holte og Lise Lien

Project participant(s)

Jon Helgheim Holte
Lise Lien

Commissioned by

Gamle Oslo borough

Project period

August 2020
April 2022