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Children who do not attend school: Rules, measures and practices from Norway

Ida Kjeøy, Silje Andresen and Andreas Falkenberg

Fafopaper 2023:04

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Project: Norwegian-Romanian Initiative for Quality in Education - NOROC

Forskere på Fafo: Ida Kjeøy, Silje Andresen

This report is about school dropout and high absences in Norway, primarily regarding pupils in primary and lower secondary school. The focus is on the rules and measures that have been put in place to increase attendance and ensure that pupils attend and complete their schooling.

The report serves as background information for the joint Norwegian-Romanian project “Inclusive Education for Children and Young People at Risk” (NOROC). The main purpose of the NOROC project is to ensure access to equitable quality education for Romanian children and youth at risk of dropping out of primary and lower secondary schools, through the implementation of relevant measures.

Published: 2023 Id-nr.: 10381