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  • Fafo-report 378
  • Philip Swanson

Fuelling Conflict

The Oil Industry and Armed Conflict

  • Fafo-report 378

Angola, Burma, Colombia, Sudan…many governments depend upon oil to finance their war-fighting capacity. Oil installations can become magnets for rebel activity or extortion. What constitutes complicity in such situations? Fuelling Conflict describes the challenges to corporate social responsibility resulting from oil company investments in countries experiencing armed conflict. The report was commissioned by PICCR as part of the Economies of Conflict research project, which examines the links between certain private sector activity and armed conflict.

Financial support for Economies of Conflict has been provided by the Government of Norway.

  • Published: 9. February 2002
  • Ordering ID: 378
  • ISBN
    ISBN 82-7422-360-8ISSN 0801-6143