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Arne Backer Grønningsæter and Svein Erik Stave
The Global Goals for Sustainable Development
Challenges and possible implications for Norway. Discussion paper
Other Fafo-publications 2015
Guri Tyldum, Kristian Takvam Kindt, May-Len Skilbrei, Carmen From Dalseng and Hilde Lidén
Anne Britt Djuve, Jon Horgen Friberg, Guri Tyldum and Huafeng Zhang
When poverty meets affluence
Migrants from Romania on the streets of the Scandinavian capitals
Other Fafo-publications 2015
Heidi Gautun
Hvordan fordele omsorg?
Prioriteringsutfordringer mellom eldre og yngre brukere. Kortversjon
Andre Fafo-utgivelser
Anne Hatløy, Tewodros Aragie Kebede, Patrick Joel Adeba and Core Elvis
Åge A. Tiltnes
Perception of Livelihoods
Major Findings from Individual Interviews and Group Discussions
Lise Bjerkan og Linda Dyrlid
Handel med mennesker. Et undervisningsopplegg
Et undervisningsopplegg, utgitt på CD
John Wrench
Breakthroughs and blind spots
Trade union responses to immigrants and ethnic minorities in Denmark and the UK
Andre Fafo-utgivelser
Heidi Gautun
Når pasienten kommer først
Eksempler på godt samarbeid mellom sykehus og pleie-, rehabiliterings- og omsorgstjenesten
Andre Fafo-utgivelser
Bjørne Grimsrud (ed.)
The Next Steps
Experiences and analysis of how to eradicate child labour
Other Fafo-publications
Thabo Sephiri
Hiv/aids and workers' right
Understanding the issues
Other Fafo-publications
Anne Britt Djuve and Hanne Cecilie Kavli
From social benefits to paid qualification
Findings from pilot projects with obligatory participation in introductory programmes for refugees. Paper for the Sixth International Metropolis Conference, Rotterdam, 26-30 November 2001
Andre utgivelser 2001
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