Posting of workers: enhancing administrative cooperatation and access to information

Worker protection regulation for posted workers in the EU is seriously inadequate.

Ageing with HIV

Ageing with HIV is a study among elderly people living with HIV.

Professional development for vocational teachers

The project will investigate what skills are needed for vocational teachers in order to provide vocational education that is perceived as good and relevant by students and employers.

Freedom of speech and whistleblowing in Norwegian municipalities

In this project, we will study internal and external opportunities for exercising freedom of speech in Norwegian municipalities.

Evaluation of National grant scheme against child poverty

The aim of this evaluation is to get more knowledge about the impact of this grant scheme as part of the overall work against child poverty.

Full-time culture in Bodø municipality

The project will assist Bodø municipality to develop a full-time culture in the healthcare sector.

Methodology training and technical support for CASTED, phase I

The project aims to explore new survey methods and provide training and technical support to CASTED (Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development).

Nutrition - still nobody's business?

To which degree have the positive statements by political leadership in the Norwegian government been followed-up by concrete investments in nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions?

Evaluation of Housing First in Bergen and Sandnes

Over the past few years we have seen several municipal projects inspired by the American model Housing First.

Indonesia PACER Program Review

The purpose of the assignment is to conduct mid-term evaluation of the PACER (Popular Control and Effective Welfarism) joint research program.

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