Street connected children in Georgia and Azerbaijan

Fafo will conduct a qualitative study and a desk review of issues related to street connected children in Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Innvandrerorganisasjoners rolle og potensial i lokalt integreringsarbeid

Immigrant organisations and voluntary work receive funding from the government. The funding is distributed through 20 muncipalites.

Challenges within the social housing field in Nes municipality

The municipality of Nes wants an analysis of their work within the social housing field. This is part of the municipality's participation in the national program Living for welfare 2016-2020.

Eritrea Population and Health Survey 2010

The major objective of the 2010 Eritrea Population and Health Survey was to collect and analyze data on fertility, mortality, family planning, and health.

Barrierer for jenters utdanning i Vest-Afrika

A Sscoping study on what we know and don’t about trends and sub-group variations.

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