Skilled worker tracking survey

Within the vocational education programs of building and construction, and healthcare, childhood and youth development.

Long-term impact of Wenchuan Earthquake and natural disaster in China
CASTED and Fafo jointly conduct a survey to study living conditions, perceptions and socio-economic development in the affected areas ten years after the Wenchuan earthquake.
The Norwegian fur industry

About the industry and an analysis of its economic importance.

Evaluation of reinforced youth effort

The project will evaluate new and reinforced youth effort, which was introduced in NAV in 2017.

Sexual Harassment - The Norwegian Medical Association

Fafo will assist the Norwegian Medical Association in conducting and reporting a survey on sexual harassment among the association's members.

Postgraduate education in kindergartens - participant survey
The project will investigate how kindergarten directors and kindergarten teachers who have participated in further education in 2018 and 2019 assess the content and organization of the education, learning outcomes and changes in their own practice. In addition, the project will look at how the nursery owner has arranged for participation.
Evaluation of Speed School I Program in West Africa

The Speed School program is a nine-month accelerated learning program implemented by Strømme Foundation.

Working conditions among Romanian and Bulgarian truck drivers in Norway

Fafo will, in collaboration with Transportøkonomisk Institutt, map living conditions and pay and working conditions among Romanian and Bulgarian truck drivers in Norway. TØI is the project manager, and the final report will be published by them.

Elderly's participation in work and working life

The Research Council of Norway participates together with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in the Joint Program Initiatives (JPI) within the area "More Years, Better Lives".

Professional recruitment is equal to recruitment - a survey of recruitment practices in companies in the state diversity network

The project, which is carried out on behalf of IMDi, is about recruitment to the public sector.

Harassment in the workplace

The purpose of the project is to provide knowledge about the prevention and management of sexual harassment and harassment on the basis of gender in the hotel and restaurant industry in Scandinavia.

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