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ACPD and the fight against work related crime

In 2015, the conservative government under Erna Solberg introduced automatic cuts of productivity dividends (ACPD) as a "debureaucratisation and effectivity reform" (the ABE-reform). The reform entails an annual cut in the state operating budgets of 0.5 percent per year. Does this reform impact the government’s work against work-related crime in Norway?

In this project, Fafo will investigate whether automatic cuts of productivity dividend, ACPD (the ABE reform), has had an impact on the work against social dumping and work-related crime in Norway. Central agencies in the fight against work-related crime are The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, the police, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (Nav) and the Tax Administration. The study will include these agencies as well as the centers established to coordinate the agency's efforts (A-krimsentrene). Through document studies and interviews, the project will map the resource situation in the most central units aimed at combating work-related crime and investigate the possible effects of ACPD.


Project period

  • Start:
    April 2020
  • End:
    May 2021

Commissioned by

  • Norwegian Trade Union Council

Sustainable development goals