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Apprenticeship clauses in public procurement

n cooperation with NIFU Fafo will conduct a study on the potential use of apprenticeship clauses in public procurement. The project is commissioned by NHO, Confederation of Norwegian enterprise. An apprentice clause is a contractual condition that an organization may include in a tender. Rules on the use of apprenticeship clauses were included in the procurement law as a result of an increased need for apprenticeships after a comprehensive reform of upper secondary education in 1994. The actual use of apprenticeship clauses has so far been limited. More knowledge is needed about the possibilities and limitations in the use of apprenticeship clauses and the conditions under which the use of apprenticeship clauses could be an effective measure.

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Fafo-rapport 2014:36
Svein Erik Moen, Ole Johnny Olsen, Asgeir Skålholt og Anna Hagen Tønder

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Anna Hagen Tønder

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Anna Hagen Tønder

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January 2014
June 2014