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Tracking disability inclusion in selected multilateral organizations

This project will examine the extent to which major development and humanitarian institutions implement programs and projects that benefit disabled people.

The project is a follow up of Fafo-report 2017:19 “Tracking inclusion in Norwegian development support to global education”, with a broader global scope. It will consider how new policies, guidelines, and accountability frameworks are supporting disability inclusion in three selected multilateral organizations; The World Bank (WB), UNHCR (the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), and UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s Fund).

The project will gather information from selected written sources and interviews with the organizations’ disability inclusion specialists at central and national levels in the organization. National information will focus on two counties; Niger and Uganda. Here the project may also approach other stakeholders cooperating with the selected main organization.

Topics of interest are how the new guidelines result in improved disability inclusion, how such improvement is documented and accounted for, and where there remain gaps and challenges for disability inclusion.


  • Project manager:
  • Mona Christophersen

Project period

  • Start:
    November 2021
  • End:
    March 2022

Commissioned by

  • Atlas Alliance

Sustainable development goals