Services and ME

About the meeting between ME-patients and their next of kin and the public services. Register data, qualitative interviews and a survey will be used to gather new information about this patient group.

Socio-economic Impact of Afghan Refugees on Pakistan

The overall objective of the project is to produce a study on socio-economic impacts of Afghan refugees on Pakistan.

Inequality and social sustainability of the Norwegian pension system after the reform

The proposed project will look at both the experiences made and trends that can be detected so far, with the pension reform.

Interactions between national and labour market based pensions in Norway: pension outcomes and policy processes

Interactions between public and labour market based pensions in Norway: pension outcomes and policy processes.

Moving trades – National skills regimes in transnational labour markets

The primary objective is to provide an understanding of how intra-European labour migration affects skill formation and utilisation in Norway, in other countries with collective apprentice-based systems of vocational education and training (VET) and in the sending countries.

The Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Study in Norway

The project aims to study intergenerational adaptation and social mobility among children of immigrants and their majority peers in Norway.

Adult learning, vocational skills and labour market outcomes

An important purpose of this project is to gain more knowledge about factors that motivate young adults to obtain a trade certificate. In addition, we investigate the importance of a vocational qualification for labour market participation and mobility.

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