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Review of literature on freedom of speech

The aim of the study is to gather and systematize knowledge about the conditions for freedom of speech for Norwegian employees across sectors, with a particular focus on highly educated workers. This literature review will provide insights into what promotes and restrain freedom of speech in various parts of the labor market, making it easier for Tekna to continue working on this topic.
In this literature study, we will focus particularly on freedom of speech for highly educated employees. We will utilize various forms of literature published in the last decade. Through different searches, we will analyze relevant national and international peer-reviewed publications, as well as non-peer-reviewed surveys/reports covering Norwegian circumstances. Furthermore, we will utilize legally binding judgments related to freedom of speech obtained from, and we will review published cases that have been addressed by the Norwegian Parliamentary Ombudsman. Additionally, we will conduct searches on key terms in Norwegian media using the Retriever tool to identify high-profile and important cases.


Project period

  • Start:
    May 2024
  • End:
    June 2024

Commissioned by

  • Tekna

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