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  • Anne Hege Strand and Evanthia Dova

Reflections on the YOUTHShare project

  • Fafopaper 2024:07
  • Fafopaper 2024:07

With funding from the EEA and Norway grants, the YOUTHShare project (2018–2024) approached the problem of youth unemployment and inactivity in the Mediterranean European Economic Area region, by targeting the employability and skill advancement for young NEETs.

The project involved partners from Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain and Norway. It integrated both research and operational components and aimed to (i) provide training for specific target groups in locally resilient sectors; (ii) enhance employability by advancing knowledge and skills in the social entrepreneurship and platform economy; and (iii) establish long-lasting labour market engagement by involving stakeholders, research and Employment Centres.

This report provides an overview of best practices included in the YOUTHShare project. It offers an insiderʼs perspective, drawing on the experiences of people participating in the project and reflecting on issues related to the organisation, implementation, and execution of a long-lasting and complex project.

  • Published: 21. February 2024
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