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An analysis of future benefits from public and private pension schemes
The Norwegian country study to the OECD pension adequacy project

Jon M. Hippe and Hans Gunnar Vøien

Fafo-report 2014:21

Web edition

The report asks a quite simple but technically advanced question: Are people saving enough for their retirement? The recent reform of the Norwegian national pensions system and the growing role of occupational pension schemes make it increasingly important to understand the impact this will have on future pensions. Based on actual income data for the Norwegian population future pensions payments are estimated for national pension (folketrygden), occupational pensions and for AFP-arrangements. The report identifies both the future income composition and the total pension level people will accumulate through their working years. Calculations are conducted for different labour market exit ages as well as for various age cohorts. This report is the Norwegian country study to the OECD pension adequacy project.

Published: 2014 Id-nr.: 20368