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  • Hilde Maria Haualand

Interpreting Ideals and Relaying Rights

A Comparative Study of Video Interpreting Services in Norway, Sweden and the United States. PhD Dissertation

  • Fafo-rapport 2012:51
  • Fafo-rapport 2012:51

This dissertation is the result of a comparative study of video interpreting services in the US, Sweden and Norway. The video interpreting service, which primarily is targeted at people who use sign language in three countries, serves widely different political goals.

By exploring the interplay between disability rights, political ideals and technical and organizational solutions the dissertation shows that a service that appears the same across different countries, may distribute widely different rights, opportunities and roles to the involved actors.

The analysis is based on multisited fieldwork in the three countries from 2006-2010, and the research material includes interviews with a wide range of actors involved in providing, using and regulating the services, public documents and notes from participant observation.

  • Published: 7. March 2012
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