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  • Anne Hatløy and Ingunn Bjørkhaug (eds.)

Zimbabwean Children on the Move

  • Faforeport 2024:29
  • Faforeport 2024:29

Children traveling alone are often exposed to varying degrees of vulnerability on the road. In this report commissioned by UNICEF Zimbabwe, we explore why children leave their place of origin and move internally within Zimbabwe or across borders. We also seek to understand the coping mechanisms they employ. While authorities have laws in place to protect these children, they face challenges in effectively safeguarding them at different stages of their journey.

The research foundation for this report based on primary data collection through qualitative methods involving Zimbabwean children who have left their place of origin and were encountered either in Zimbabwe or South Africa, in addition to an overview of stakeholders providing services to these children, a literature review and an examination of the policy framework for this group in both Zimbabwe and South Africa.

  • Published: 5. July 2024
  • Ordering ID: 20896