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The Nordic labour Market Model at company level during the pandemic

Since March 2020, both the central and local social dialogue has been put on its’ worst stress test ever.

Thousands of workplaces suddenly had to cope with a very different everyday work life. In a survey in the spring of 2020, eight out of ten employees agreed that employers had handled the impact of the corona crisis in the workplace in a good way. However, the answers varied according to who was hardest hit. Among those who are laid off full-time, only about half are satisfied with the employer's handling (Andersen & Ødegård 2020). At the same time as the corona crisis is still affecting Norwegian working life, digitalisation and technological represent changes that affects and will affect work tasks, requirements for competence and form of affiliation (Dølvik & Steen 2019).

Three main issues will form the basis of our research:

  1. How do the parties cooperate locally?
  2. How do TU representatives assess their participation and influence?
  3. How has social dialogue at the local levels worked during the Covid-19 pandemic?


Project period

  • Start:
    November 2021
  • End:
    December 2023

Commissioned by

  • Norwegian Council of Trade Unions

Sustainable development goals