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Re-regulation of the taxi market

Together with Institute of Transport Economics (TØI), Fafo will map out the consequences of the re-regulation of the Norwegian taxi market. The project is initiated by TØI and Fafo, and financed by Yrkestrafikkforbundet (YTF), the Norwegian Taxi Association, LO and TØI.

The project consists of a baseline analysis, characteristics of the taxi market prior to the new regulations, and a mapping of how the industry will change after the regulations are changed. We will explore the organization of the market, the customers' behavior, the taxi market as a labor market, the drivers' wages and working conditions, and the social partners' views of and reaction to the re-regulation.


Project period

  • Start:
    April 2020
  • End:
    December 2024

Commissioned by

  • Yrkestrafikkforbundet the Norwegian Taxi AssociationLO NorwayThe Institute of Transport Economics

Sustainable development goals