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Sissel C. Trygstad, Kristine Nergaard, Kristin Alsos, Øyvind M. Berge, Mona Bråten og Anne Mette Ødegård

A strongly divided cleaning industry

  • Fafo-rapport 2011:18
  • Fafo-rapport 2011:18
When reading about the cleaning business in the newspapers, it is seldom good news. Many employees work long days or nights,  without a working contract, and get salaries  far below what’s considered acceptable. In addition the cleaning industry has major problems with  tax evasion and money laundering. In this report, we also show the other side of the  industry. Many companies try to stay within the law, they have signed collective agreements and offer their employees decent wages and working conditions.  In other words, this is a very divided business. The problem for the most decent companies is the fierce competition from the companies in the grey and black market. This report gives a broad picture of the different aspects in the Norwegian cleaning industry, as they appear in 2011.
  • Published: 13. February 2011
  • Ordering ID: 20209