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Tillitsvalgte i en ny tid

Rapport for LO Stat 2000
Mona Bråten, Inger Marie Hagen, Nina-M. Kristiansen Skalle

When poverty meets affluence

Migrants from Romania on the streets of the Scandinavian capitals
Other Fafo-publications 2015
Anne Britt Djuve, Jon Horgen Friberg, Guri Tyldum and Huafeng Zhang

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Challenges and possible implications for Norway. Discussion paper
Other Fafo-publications 2015
Arne Backer Grønningsæter and Svein Erik Stave

Hiv/aids and workers' right

Understanding the issues
Other Fafo-publications
Thabo Sephiri

The Next Steps

Experiences and analysis of how to eradicate child labour
Other Fafo-publications
Bjørne Grimsrud (ed.)

Industrial relations in Norway

Other Fafo-publications
Torgeir Aarvaag Stokke, Jon Erik Dølvik and Kristine Nergaard

Gender Equality in Tunisia and Norway/Egalité des sexes en Tunisie et Norvège

Report from the seminar at Fafo 13-17 February 1998
Other Fafo-publications
Liv Jorun Stokke (ed.)

Putting the Past behind

A Review of Living Conditions along the Eastern Baltic Rim, The NORBALT Living Conditions Project
Other Fafo-publications
Jan Dietz

Perspectives on participation. Competence, Willingness and Possibilities: Reserve officers in the Norwegian Mobilization Force

Other Fafo-publications
Jens B. Grøgaard, Eifred Markussen and Ole Fredrik Ugland

The Norwegian welfare state: from post-war consensus to future conflicts?

Other Fafo-publications
Kåre Hagen and Jon M. Hippe

Summary: European standards

Other Fafo-publications
LIv Tørres
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