Palestinian Opinions about Governance, Institutions and Political Leaders
Synthesis of Results of Fafo's Opinion Polls in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, 2005–2011

Åge A. Tiltnes, Jon Pedersen, Silje Sønsterudbråten, Jing Liu

Fafo-paper 2011:09


Forskere på Fafo: Åge Arild Tiltnes, Jing Liu

This is one of the reports based on a series of seven representative surveys of the population in the West Bank and Gaza. The polls offer a unique opportunity to understand Palestinian views concerning they own leaders and their institutions as well as the international system that affects them, and how this has developed over the past six years. Among the findings documented in the reports is that Palestinians are concerned about human rights and the level of corruption in the Palestine state, and do not harbour much trust in the courts or other public institutions. However, they are relatively satisfied with the public services they receive.

Utgitt: 2011 Id-nr.: 10130