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Debritu Nane, Anne Hatløy and Bernt Lindtjørn

A local-ingredients-based supplement is an alternative to corn-soy blends plus for treating moderate acute malnutrition among children aged 6 to 59 months
A randomized controlled non-inferiority trial in Wolaita, Southern Ethiopia


Anne Hatløy, Silondile Luthuli,Vaughn John,Lyn Haskins,Sphindile Mapumulo,Paulin Mutombo,Thorkild Tylleskär,Ingunn M. S. Engebretsen,Christiane Horwood & Mala Ali Mapatano

‘I am not only beneficial to the community but to the entire country, I am trained as a researcher now’

Global Public Health

Lena Morgon Banks, Jing Liu, Anne Kielland, Ali Bako Tahirou, Abdoul Karim Seydou Harouna, Islay Mactaggart, Ragnhild Dybdahl, Dan Firoun Mounkaila, Arne Grønningsæter

Childhood Disability in Rural Niger
A Population-based Assessment Using the Key Informant Method. BMJ Pediatrics

BMJ Pediatrics

Tomas Berglund, Roy A Nielsen, Olof Reichenberg, Jørgen Svalund

Temporary Contracts, Employment Trajectories and Dualisation
A Comparison of Norway and Sweden

Work, Employment and Society

Karin Vaagland

Crisis‐Induced Leadership
Exploring the Role of the EU Commission in the EU–Jordan Compact

Politics and Governance

Guri Tyldum

A paradise without people
Ambivalence in representations of migration and its outcomes when Syrian refugees talk about secondary migration to Europe

Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Christiane Horwood, Sphindile Mapumulo, Lyn Haskins, Vaughn John, Silondile Luthuli, Thorkild Tylleskär, Paulin Mutombo, Ingunn M. S. Engebretsen, Mala Ali Mapatano & Anne Hatløy

A North–South-South partnership in higher education to develop health research capacity in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
The challenge of finding a common language.

Health Research Policy and Systems

Kristin Alsos & Line Eldring

Securing wage floors in the absence of a statutory minimum wage
Minimum wage regulations in Scandinavia facing low-wage competition
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