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Synnøve Jahnsen

In search of bad characters: Banning and banishing outlaw motorcycle gangs | 2018

I: H. O. Gundhus, K. V. Rønn & N. Fyfe (Red.) Moral issues in Intelligence-led policing.

Synnøve Jahnsen

The condom as evidence and the condom as a crowbar | 2018

I: T. Sanders & M. Laing (Red.) Policing the Sex Industry: Protection, Paternalism and Politics

Maria Gussgard Volckmar-Eeg

Navigating the multifaceted landscape of culture and social work
A qualitative evidence synthesis of cultural competence and cultural sensitivity in practice
Journal of Comparative Social Work | 2020 | Download PDF

Maria Gussgard Volckmar-Eeg

“I don’t know what to do—Could it be cultural?”
The operationalization of cultural sensitivity among street-level workers in the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration
Social Policy & Administration | 2020 | Open access

Synnøve Jahnsen & Kristin Slettevåg

Crimmigration statistics: numbers as evidence and problem | 2018

I: Fili, A., Jahnsen, S. & Powel, R. (Red.) Crimmigration statistics: numbers as evidence and problem

Synnøve Jahnsen

På nett med menn som kjøper sex
Analyse av diskusjonsforumet på | 2008

I: M-L. Skilbrei & C. Holmstrøm, C. (Red.) Prostitusjon i Norden.

Synnøve Jahnsen

«Norge er ikke en øy»: Mediedekningen av kriminaliseringsdebatten i Norge | 2008

I: M-L. Skilbrei & C. Holmstrom (Red.) Prostitusjon i Norden

Synnøve Jahnsen

Kvinner som krysser grensen - sort magi? | 2007

I: Jessen, L. (Red.) Det ideelle offer. Andre tekster om prostitusjon
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