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Sammen om trygg bosetting
I møte med psykiske heleproblemer, rus og mulig voldsrisiko | 2022 | Informasjon og bestilling

Lawrence King, Gábor Scheiring & Elias Nosrati

Deaths of Despair in Comparative Perspective
Annual Review of Sociology | 2022 | Introduction (login for full text)

Athina Avagianou, Nikos Kapitsinis, Ioannis Papageorgiou, Anne Hege Strand, Stelios Gialis

Being NEET in Youthspaces of the EU South
A Post-recession Regional Perspective
YOUNG | 2022 | Open access

Zhihong Sa & Jing Liu

Making an invisible care workforce visible: a survey of domestic workers in three cities in China
China Population and Development Studies | 2022 | Open access

David Jordhus-Lier, Camilla Houeland & Tale Hammerø Ellingvåg

Alienating assemblages: Working the carbonscape in times of transformation
Progress in Human Geography | 2022 | Link to article

Andreas Ytterstad, Camilla Houeland & David Jordhus-Lier

Heroes of the Day After Tomorrow: “The Oil Worker” in Norwegian Climate Coverage 2017–2021
Journalism Practice, | 2022 | Link to article
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