The coverage with occupational pensions in Norway
Results from a survey of private sector companies

Axel West Pedersen

Fafo-paper 2000:23

Web edition

Forskningstema: Pensjon

Although there are strong indications that occupational pension plans play a significant and increasing role in the Norwegian pension system, little is known about the level and distribu-tion of accumulated pension rights among the economically active population.

The purpose of this paper is to present and discuss available evidence about the coverage with occupational pension plans in the private sector of the Norwegian labour market.  Three alternative data sources are available each with their respective strengths and weaknesses: a) aggregate figures on the number of active members obtained from pension funds and insurance companies, b) a series of individual level surveys conducted over the last decade, and c) a few company level surveys.

The paper gives particular attention to results from a survey of private sector companies that was conducted by Fafo and Opinion AS in 1996.

Utgitt: 2000 Id-nr.: 656