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Competence and user assessments of Jeg Vet and

  • Engelsk sammendrag av Fafo-rapport 2022:25
  • Hedda Flatø, Anne Hege Strand og Nerina Weiss
  • 06. januar 2023

In 2015, Bufdir initiated efforts to develop two digital learning resources ( and Jeg Vet) to help prevent and uncover violence and abuse against children. These resources are aimed at adults who work with children and young people in first-line municipal services, early learning centres and schools.

Fafo is carrying out a follow-up evaluation of the two resources, which has so far resulted in two interim reports. The main aim of this third interim report is to examine how and Jeg Vet work. The data source is a survey that was sent to all schools and kindergartens in Norway in November and December 2021. A total of 1001 people responded to the survey.

The main purpose of both tools is to strengthen competence regarding violence and abuse against children and young people, and to strengthen the competence in talking about such matters. This report analyses the covariation between the use of the tools and such competence, among adults working in Norwegian schools and kindergartens. In addition, we analyse users’ assessments of the tools’ effects and suitability. We also analyse the attitudes of heads of schools and kindergartens towards implementing teaching about violence and abuse at their own institutions, as well as suitable measures for this work. The aim of this analysis is to generate insight into the potential future use of and Jeg Vet in schools and early learning centres in Norway.

Main findings of the report

  • Use of and/or Jeg Vet is associated with higher perceived and measured competence in how adults talk to children about neglect, violence and abuse. 
  • This suggests that those who have used one or both tools feel more confident than others when entering situations where they suspect violence and child abuse.
  • A large majority of users believed that the tools led to more and better conversations about violence and abuse at their institution, and that the tools were acceptable, suitable and user friendly.
  • Heads of schools and kindergartens in Norway are highly motivated to ensure that staff and children at their institutions learn about violence and abuse. 
  • Motivation is even stronger among heads of institutions where and/or Jeg Vet have been used than among other heads.
  • The main barriers to using and Jeg Vet may have to do with implementation, coordination and institutional culture. The tools themselves are welcomed by the key target group analysed in this interim report.