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Fafo takes part in EU project on social partnership for people in atypical employment relationships

Fafo, together with a number of European partners, has been awarded a research project under the EU Horizon programme.

The project, which will be led by Fafo's Head of Research Sissel C. Trygstad, aims to identify opportunities for strengthening access to social partnership, participation and co-determination for employees in atypical work.

These are people who are in temporary employment, work part-time, are temporary workers, platform workers, self-employed and more.

The project falls under the EU programme's umbrella of "Social dialogue in the new world of work".

In addition to Fafo, the University of Oslo and researchers from Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovakia and the United Kingdom are participating in the project.

Some of the research questions are:

  • How to remove legal barriers that make it difficult for these employees to participate in social partnerships?
  • How can the social dialogue be improved so that it includes employees in atypical working relationships to a greater extent than is the case today?
  • What interests, needs and motivation do the employees and their employers/clients/owners have for participating in multipartite cooperation?
  • What are the main differences between different countries, industries, and business models?
  • Is it possible to develop new and innovative methods of representation and participation in atypical employment?
  • Publisert: 14 June 2024