Voluntary associations as information providers during Covid-19

The project will assess extraordinary grants to voluntary organizations for information measures for the immigrant population, and discuss the role of civil society in connection with the covid-19 pandemic. Carried out in collaboration between Fafo and the National Institute of Public Health.

Follow-up research of the Tørn program

Follow-up research by Tørn, a development program in which 60 municipalities try out measures for better organization of work tasks, staff allocation and working time arrangements that can provide more full-time employment.

Norwegian-Romanian Initiative for Quality in Education - NOROC

The project aims to improve the quality of educational services, in particular in rural areas, in five departments in Romania. The project aims to combat school dropout and facilitate the transition from primary to lower secondary education and lower secondary to upper secondary education for 650 children at risk.

Evaluation: FOR ALLE

A research-based evaluation of Sparebankstiftelsen SR-Bank’s initiative FOR EVERYONE! The evaluation will provide knowledge about the extent the donations reach the target groups, and what, if any, characterizes the projects that have good goal achievement.

National Correspondent EUROFOUND

The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (EUROFOUND) is a triparty EU Agency that provides knowledge to assist in the development of better social, employment and work-related policies. The work is done with the assistance of national correspondents in the EU Member States, and the Norwegian Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion has granted Fafo the task as the national correspondent of Norway,

Labour conditions in hotels, restaurants and bars post corona

Hotels, restaurants and bars were hit hard by the corona pandemic. In this project, we will study the "rebuilding" of this industry, and its possible effects on working conditions. The results may also have more general relevance for the service industries in the private sector.

Activism and its moral and cultural foundations: alternative citizenship and women's roles in Kurdistan and the diaspora

ALCITfem is an interdisciplinary research programme that is rooted in Literary Studies, Cultural Anthropology, Gender Studies and Sociology. It investigates how the Kurds, who lack state structures and state institutions, have operated outside of such structures by building cultural and social institutions of their own in the different states of which they are citizens.

Gender balance in Hydro's aluminium plant

Norsk Hydro wants a more even gender balance among its employees, ie more female employees in its aluminium plants/factories. This applies to both operators and engineers. In the project, we will provide an overview of the current situation, what the challenges are and point to possible measures/facilitation to achieve a more even gender balance

Microaggressions and the mental health of disabled youth

Microaggression is the sum of remarks, derogatory comments, and negative reminders about being different. Disabled people In Norway are harmed by microaggression although the extent is not known. The project will develop knowledge about the forms of microaggression that affects young people with disabilities or chronic diseases. This has not been investigated before in Norway. International studies have shown links between microaggression and reduced mental health and social participation. The aim is to map expressions and forms of microaggression and study any consequences for the individual and for society.

Gender equality and the representation of women i LO
A Fafo-paper will be prepared that looks at the status of women's representation in the Trade Union Council and the member unions, as well as contributions from ongoing research projects on women and shop stewards and collective agreement provisions on gender equality.
Ethnic diversity in the labor market

In this project we will map employers' attitudes towards ethnic diversity in the workforce. The basis for the call is the premise that employers' attitudes and ability to deal with diversity among their employees is a key condition for an inclusive working life.

Trade union density and collective agreement coverage for labour immigrants

The project will provide figures for trade union density and collective agreement coverage among labour immigrants in Norway. The results will be presented according to industries and how long the workers have lived in Norway. The project includes both migrant workers from the EEA and third countries (countries outside the EEA).

Evaluation of e-learning laboratories in Niger
ADRA Norway is implementing the programme Strengthening Equity, Access and Quality in Education (SEAQE) Sahel in Mali and Niger with financial support from Norad. SEAQE Sahel is working to increase educational opportunities for all children, including poor and marginalized children, with a special focus on girls and children with disabilities.
Work and Health in Old Age

All over Europe, there is increased focus on longer working lives due to increased life expectancy and decreased birth rates, which put strains on welfare funding across nations. Although the overall population on average is healthier, better educated and has longer careers than before, there is limited knowledge on the health consequences of prolonged working careers.

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