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Risk and working environment challenges in digitalized work

The working environment of the future: Risk and working environment challenges in digitalized work arrangements across different forms of employment. A conceptual framework of the Nordic labour inspection authorities

Digitalization raises new concerns about future work environments and occupational health. This project will investigate the linkages between technology, new forms of employment and occupational health. It aims to identify and explore the risks and occupational health concerns that arise in work that is distinguished by 1) use of digital technology to organize work and 2) performed outside a set workplace. The role of work organization will be investigated by paying particular attention to platform work and to mobile work where digital field technology is used to direct, control and communicate with mobile employees.

In cooperation with leading researchers on occupational health and platform work in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, we aim to develop a conceptual framework to identify occupational health risks in the future of work


Project period

  • Start:
    August 2021
  • End:
    July 2024

Commissioned by

  • Nordic Council of Ministers