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Fafo-rapport 2019:08
Forside rapport

A long way towards full-time employment

Full-time employment as the normal in the municipal sector has been a goal for the government, workers and employers organizations, as well as numerous municipali-ties over the last two decades. This is also the case for Bodø municipality which have tested the following initiatives in some selected pilot units:

  • Long work shifts
  • More work on weekends
  • Bonus wages on weekends
  • Increased staffing
  • Flexible shifts
  • Less use of temporary workers

This report describes the initiatives and evaluates how they have been implemented, how the initiatives have affected the working environment and service quality, and whether they have led to more full-time employment.

This is the first Fafo report that finds that the use of long work shift in home nurs-ing care on weekends may lead to some of the same quality benefits seen in other service areas such as better work environment and quality services.


Daglig leder: Tone Fløtten

Forskningssjef: Sissel Trygstad

Forskningsledere: Kristin Alsos, Terje Olsen, Jon Rogstad og Åge Arild Tiltnes

Økonomi- og administrasjon: Mona Sandbæk

Informasjonsavdelingen: Stein Roar Fredriksen


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