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Employment among young people with disabilities

It is a stated goal to increase employment among (young) people with disabilities, and the interim objective 2b of the agreement of working life (IA Agreement) aims to increase the recruitment of this group into working life. NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) has initiated a number of different projects for this purpose. Fafo has examined a selection of these projects in this report. The purpose has in particular been to identify similarities and differences between the different initiatives/projects. We have also identified what the project participants have defined as success criteria and based on this assessed the different project's dissemination potential.


Daglig leder: Tone Fløtten

Forskningssjef: Sissel Trygstad

Forskningsledere: Kristin Alsos, Terje Olsen, Jon Rogstad og Åge Arild Tiltnes

Økonomi- og administrasjon: Mona Sandbæk

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