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  • Feliciana Rajevska

Social policy in Latvia

Welfare state under double pressure

  • Fafo-report 498
  • Fafo-report 498

This publication is one of a series of reports, working papers and student contributions from the project "Poverty, social assistance and social inclusion – developments in Estonia and Latvia".

The project is carried through in cooperation between Tartu University in Estonia, University of Latvia and Fafo in Norway. The Research Council of Norway has funded the project.

The project contains 4 main issues:

• Poverty trends and structures of social exclusion

• Policy responses – understandings of poverty alleviation and social inclusion

• Social practice – the implementation and impact of policies

• Policy learning and possibilities for policy transfer

These four questions demand a multifaceted approach to methods and reporting, and are examined by a group of researchers in three countries. Consequently the reporting is diverse and the reporting presents the diversity of the project.

  • Publisert: 5. mars 2005
  • Ordrenr. 498
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