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  • Gro Hasselknippe

Palestinian Opinions on Peace and Conflict, Internal Affairs and Parliament Elections 2006

Results from Fafo polls in September and November-December 2005

  • Fafo-paper 2006:09
  • Fafo-paper 2006:09

Palestinian opinions on peace and conflict, internal affairs, and parliament elections 2006' is based on the results from two opinion polls that Fafo conducted in the Palestinian territories in September and November/December respectively.

The first poll measured the pulse in the Gaza Strip after the Israeli pullout, while the second poll collected Palestinian opinions in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip just one month prior to the parliamentary elections in January 2006.

The analysis is divided into three parts. The first part deals with Palestinian opinions on questions related to peace and conflict. This section includes effects of the Israeli pullout, attitudes regarding Palestinian violence targeting Israel, and opinions on the peace process. The second part discusses internal Palestinian affairs and peoples' view on different actors' performance. Included are also issues such as satisfaction with local services, institutional charity, and important political aspects to be addressed by the Palestinian Authority. The third part looks at people's preferences regarding the parliamentary elections. Finally, the paper analyzes the election results in view of the poll data.

  • Publisert: 25. januar 2006
  • Ordrenr. 797
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