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  • Åge A. Tiltnes (ed.)

Palestinian Refugees in Syria: Human Capital, Economic Resources and Living Conditions

  • Fafo-report 514
  • Fafo-report 514

Making use of a multiplicity of objective (and a few subjective) statistical indicators, this report provides the first-ever comprehensive picture of the living conditions of the Palestinian refugee community in Syria. Areas of focus are health, education, housing, employment and income. Key demographic features are also presented, and certain aspects of the refugees' social networks are described. The report builds on data extracted from interviews with almost 5,000 families at 65 different locations, including 13 refugee camps. Fieldwork was implemented by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics and Natural Resources (PCBS), Damascus, in collaboration with Fafo. The Norwegian Government funded the study.

  • Publisert: 7. februar 2006
  • Ordrenr. 514
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